Super 14 Rugby

This weekend is the final rugby game of the 2009 Super 14 season. The Super 14 rugby tournament is the largest rugby union competition in the Southern Hemisphere and is made up of teams from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. New Zealand has five teams, Australia has four teams and South Africa has five teams. Each team plays thirteen games at different locations across the three countries and the top four teams play a semi-final game.

This year, the final is between the Chiefs, who are from Waikato, and the Bulls, who are from South Africa. Because the Bulls won more games throughout the season, they get to host the game in Pretoria, South Africa.

The Super 14 rugby tournament started in 1996 with only 12 teams. In 2006, two extra teams were added from South Africa. There may also be another team added in 2011. The final between the Chiefs and the Bulls is being played at 1am New Zealand time this Sunday morning.

Contributed by Anita Jones

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