Black Caps will play in semi-final

The New Zealand cricket team, the Black Caps, won their quarter-final in Wellington on Saturday in a very exciting match. They beat The West Indies team by 143 runs. The Black Caps made 393 runs for 6 wickets which means only 6 players were out.

In this World Cup competition, each team plays a maximum of 50 overs (6 balls per over). The Black Caps kept going for 50 overs. Cricket fans were excited as Martin Guptill, made 237 runs but was not out by the end of their innings.

However, the West Indies were all out with 250 runs after 30 overs. The first 10 players batted and the game finished when number 10 was out. Two batsmen have to be on the field at the same time.

Now the Black Caps will play South Africa in the semi-finals at Eden Park, in Auckland, on Tuesday, March 24th.
The other semi-final is between Australia and India. It will be played in Sydney on Thursday, March 26th. Then the winning team from each semi-final will play in Melbourne on Sunday, March 29th. The winning team will receive the World Cup.


• quarter-final – 8 teams, 4 games
• semi-final – 4 teams, 2 games
• a wicket – a player is out
• an over – one bowler bowls 6 balls in an over, then they change bowlers
• innings – one team bats for either 50 overs or until the team is all out