The Wellbeing Budget is Coming Soon

The government’s annual budget will be announced on the 30th of May. Information about what will happen is being announced early so that people have a chance to think about it.

This will be the first budget that has a focus on quality of life for all people. Previous budgets focused mainly on GDP, which measured how much money the country was making. The new budget is called a Wellbeing budget.

So far the government has announced funding boosts for ambulance services, services to help the elderly, and organisations that help to stop family violence.

We can expect that there will be more funding for people who want to start a business that is good for the environment. There will probably be funding to improve the internet. There will also be funding to help Maori and Pacific people to get better education and jobs. The budget will also focus on improving the lives of children and boosting mental health services.


budget: a plan for how to spend money

annual: once a year

announced: told to everyone

previous: earlier, before

so far: until now

the elderly: all old people

improve: boost: make better

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  1. No matter how much do you have but matter how to use our money for yourself and others!

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