Seven New Cycle Tracks

The government said that work on the first seven cycle tracks which were promised earlier this year will start in the summer. This will cost $9 million. Another $41 million will be spent later. Together these cycle tracks will be called “The Great Rides”. (Listen to May 24th 2009)

These cycle tracks will probably be used by Australian tourists and Kiwis who enjoy mountain biking. Already we have a very popular cycle track in Central Otago which brings in around $7 million to the local economy. Hotels and restaurants along the way provide jobs to local people.

Five of these new cycleways will be in the North Island and two in the South Island. These are the North Island ones: in the Far North, a 90km track from the west coast to the east coast; Coromandel from Paeroa to the sea: along the Waikato River; the Central North Island Rail Trail; Mt Ruapehu along the Whanganui River to the sea. In the South Island, St James near Hanmer Springs; Southland around the mountains. Some of these are flat tracks but others will be hilly. Tracks using old rail trails or along rivers are flat but all the others are hilly.

Building these cycleways will provide jobs for about 300 people.

5 thoughts on “Seven New Cycle Tracks”

  1. this topic is very interesting!! you should put more information about it, or put an other topics similar to this one!!! because i really mean it whe i say say that it is very very iteresting!!

  2. Here, part of the economy is based in cycling; it helps mainly because tourist from Australia, like these cycling roads, it also provides a constant job for the citizens.
    But now things are going to change, with these five roads been built, tourist is going to grow onto levels never seen before in this place. It also will provide work for around 300 people, without need to mention that hotels will have people visiting there all around the world, and in all the year.
    The money inverted will pay the effort later.

  3. I think that the fact of doing cycle tracks, its a good idea because it promotes the exercise in the young people and adult people, and it would makes the city more tourist and more interesting the citY.And it will be giving jobs to alot of people.

  4. These new cycle tracks will help the place very good because the tourism in these places people will have more fun and the jobs that will generate for the local people lots of jobs and money for the government in which the income for these new tracks will be approximately 7 million and the inversion can be recovered in some years, this idea was one of the bests for all the local people and all the people is invited to discover this new experience.

  5. *These new cycle tracks are very effective to reduce accidents eviting that cars can cause a lesionate person, it is an easy way to move is more fast that being in car or just walking, it also ecological reducing the quantity of smoke in the planet, it promuve exercise and increase the healt.
    It is a great idea and very fun, also it provides job to many people that live in the area, and money to the goverment.

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