Lorde performs at Coachella

The young New Zealand singer, Lorde, performed at the biggest music festival in the US. About 75,000 fans attended the three-day festival and thousands more watched online as it was livestreamed. Today was the last day and Lorde was the second-to-last performer. She sang several songs from her album, Melodrama, which will be released June 16th. She said that her song, Homemade Dynamite, is all about the ups and downs of being twenty something. She is now twenty years old.

Melodrama is usually a play or movie which has exaggerated emotions and perhaps she is laughing at herself or other people of her age who are too emotional from time to time.

On stage today, she sang and danced, dressed in a sparkling top and pants, flinging her long black hair back and forward as she moved.

Lorde at Coachella

She performed at Coachella three years ago when she was only 17. At that time, she had just left school and was still living with her family at home in Auckland. She has now bought a house in Auckland with her own money.

Lorde is her stage name. Her real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor.

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November 13th 2013 and Grammy Awards


• dynamite (n) – explosive used to blow up (destroy) a building
• ups and downs – high points and low points in life, good things and bad things
• twenty something e.g. twenty one, twenty two etc
• exaggerated (adj) – made more important or more extreme than it is in real life
• fling (v) – throw vigorously

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