Grammy Awards

You probably already know that Lorde won two Grammy awards yesterday. She had been nominated for four awards and won two. She won the Best Pop Solo Performance. She and her co-song-writer Joel Little, won the Song of the Year for the song Royals.

She performed this song earlier in the ceremony, dressed in a white shirt with black trousers. People noticed that her finger nails were coloured in black dye which is rather unusual. At the time of the awards, she was dressed in a black silk dress which covered her from neck to feet, and it had long sleeves. Most of the female stars had bare arms, shoulders and backs. Ella (her real name) also entered the venue by a back entrance so she did not have to walk down the red carpet. She is an unusual young woman.

The Prime Minister and Governor-General sent their congratulations.

Her success really shows that in a global world, people from a small country like New Zealander, can achieve international fame.

Listen to November 13th 2013 to hear more about international fame for young New Zealanders.


  • nominated (v) – her name was on a list along with a few other names
  • co-song-writer – Joel and Ella wrote the song together
  • venue (n) – place where the ceremony was held
  • fame (n), famous (adj) – many people know her name

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