Cities throughout New Zealand held services to remember soldiers who died in the First World War and later wars. Most services were held at dawn because this was the time that New Zealand and Australian soldiers fought at Gallipoli. This was a terrible defeat. ANZAC Day is a time for Australia and New Zealand to remember this occasion.

Australians and New Zealanders living in London also held an ANZAC Day service today.

In New Zealand, schools and most businesses are closed on ANZAC Day. Shops are closed in the morning but open again at 1pm.

Listen to April 25th 2011 to hear more about ANZAC Day.


The oldest soldiers who attended services today were in their 90s. Will we continue to hold ANZAC Day services when there are no old soldiers still alive?


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  3. This article is so interesting because I learnt a lot of information about Anzac Day.

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