Today is ANZAC Day, the day we remember New Zealand soldiers who died fighting wars. Listen to December 11th 2010 to understand about the red poppies. Follow the links to previous ANZAC Days to learn about the background to this important day.

This year, Christchurch will celebrate ANZAC Day in Hagley Park instead of in Cathedral Square. The Cathedral was badly damaged by the earthquake in February. Instead of a dawn service as usual, the service will start at 7.30am. This is because many roads are still damaged and it takes longer to travel around the city.

The New Zealand Defence Force has 600 people working overseas doing peace keeping, working for the UN, or involved in other military activities. ANZAC Day is a day to remember these people also because they are so far from home for a long period of time.

Does your country have a day to remember soldiers who died in wars?

Did the problem about the red poppies make any difference this year?

Why do you think so many young people like to attend ANZAC Day?

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