World of Wearable Arts

The World of Wearable Arts show is on in Wellington at the moment. It finishes Saturday 10th September. Wearable Arts means art to wear and costumes are made from many different kinds of fabric including paper, plastic, or waste materials. The Supreme Winner this year is a British woman Mary Wing To who made her costume from leather with a horse’s head. It is called Hylonome, the female centaur in Greek mythology, half woman and half horse.

This year there are seven sections in the show including children’s garments, a garment for a bride groom, or a garment for a Kiwi icon or hero. Models wear the garments on stage and the show uses music, lighting and dance to make is an exciting performance.

Listen to September 23rd 2010 to hear more about the beginning of the World of Wearable Arts.

Mythology – legends, stories
Costumes – clothing for the theatre
Garment – clothing e.g. a dress, trousers, jacket
Kiwi icon – something that is famous in New Zealand culture

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