The World of Wearable Arts – WOW

The World of Wearable Arts performances begin today in Wellington. There are 10 performances in the next 10 days, all sold out.

The beginning of WOW – the World of Wearable Arts – is an interesting story. In 1987, Suzie Moncrieff, a Nelson artist and sculptor had the idea of taking art off the wall and onto the body. She thought creative people could make beautiful art to wear, not for everyday clothes but for a show. She tried to get sponsorship from many local businesses without success, until finally one sponsor gave her a cheque for $1,000 for prize money. The first show was a great success. Each year, it grew in popularity until finally it became too big for Nelson. The show went to Wellington in 2005 and now it attracts about 300 international and New Zealand entries. Out of those, between 150 and 180 are in the final show. Prizes will be awarded tomorrow evening.

Artists who make these costumes use unusual materials such as plastic bags, paper, wire, flowers, shells, fur and feathers. Costumes are made by hand. The show uses dance and music to show off these beautiful creations. If you want to see the winners from other years, go to World of Wearable Art and click on winners.

If you visit Nelson, you should go to the World of Wearable Arts museum.

1. Suzie Moncrieff believes everyone can be creative. Do you agree?
2. Nelson is famous for its artists and sculptors. It is also a small town. Do you think it would be possible to start something like this in a city like Auckland?

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