Easter provides New Zealand workers with two days holiday, Good Friday and Easter Monday. In addition, schools have Tuesday off. When added to the usual weekend, that gives school children a five-day break.

Many areas have special events during the weekend. Auckland has the Easter Show with judging of prized animals, sheep shearing, a circus, fireworks and many other events. Many cities are holding an Easter Egg Hunt. Wellington has a cable car Easter Egg Hunt. There’s a Jazz Festival in Tauranga. Warbirds over Wanaka will again feature military aeroplanes including some which were used before and during World War II. Dunedin has Ed Sheeran performing in 3 sold-out concerts.

Many families will use these holidays to travel, perhaps to a beach or other place to relax. We change our clocks on Sunday when 2am becomes 1am. This will give us an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning. It also means that the mornings will not be so dark, but the evenings will get dark earlier. That is the end of summer time, but we hope that is not the end of warm weather.

To hear about Easter shopping hours, listen to Easter Shopping.

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