Boy Racers

Listen also to May 26th 2009

The law to crush boy racers’ cars passed in Parliament today.

The government hopes that boy racers will be so frightened of having their cars crushed that they will drive sensibly. The Minister of Police, Judith Collins, said she thought only about 10 cars will be crushed in a year.

All MPs voted for this law except the Greens who said it was a terrible waste of good cars. They thought the cars should be sold instead.

Judith Collins said that many boy racers do not pay their fines. If this happens, the police will take their cars until the fine is paid. If boy racers break the law three times in four years, the car will be crushed. However, it has to be a serious offence each time.

Parliament also passed a law today which will give local councils the right to stop cars cruising. Cruising is driving around and around the same roads many times being a nuisance like making too much noise.

Some people have suggested giving boy racers a place where they can race without being a nuisance to people trying to sleep or a danger to other drivers. Perhaps a race track would be a good idea.