Laws to Stop Boy Racers

Today Parliament introduced some laws which could stop boy racers from annoying other people. The problem is especially bad in Christchurch where the streets are flat. Friday and Saturday nights are their favourite times to drive fast around the city, revving up their engines loudly, doing burn outs with their tyres, and being a nuisance to the public. It is difficult for the police to control them because there are so many cars, each with passengers shouting out open windows. Boy racers – and some of them are girls too – love their cars. They spend all their spare time and money on their cars.

The new law would allow police to take their cars and send them to a machine which crushes them into a small block of steel. This would happen if they are caught by police three times in four years. The new law would not start until December. First the bill has to go to a Parliamentary committee to discuss it, then there are two more readings of the bill in Parliament before it becomes a law.

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  1. thats bullshit , sorry but cops are just as bad , some boy racer just want to have fun , some just want to ruin it for others,, why dont you just sort them out instead ?

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