The Rugby World Cup 2019


New Zealanders will be watching the Rugby World Cup with great interest until the final game on the second of November. The games are taking place in Yokohama, Japan, which is three hours behind New Zealand, so Rugby fans could be in for a few late nights.

New Zealand’s rugby team, the All Blacks, are the current world champions, having won the World Cup in 1987, 2011 and 2015. The tournament is held every four years, so the All Blacks are the current world champions and will be defending their 8-year title.

The games have only just begun, and so far, the All Black have beaten South Africa 23 to 13 in the tournament’s first game. They will be playing against Canada on the second of October and Namibia on the sixth of October. Their next game will be on the twelfth of October, playing against Italy.

The quarter finals will begin on the 19th of October and the semi-finals will be played on the 26th and 27th of October. In the bronze final on the 1st of November, the two losers of the semi-finals will play against each other to determine the title of third place.

9pm on the 2nd of November will be an excellent time to go to the supermarket. Nobody will be there! They will all be in the pubs and cafes, or at home, watching the game on TV. For my Dad, who is turning 79 on the 2nd of November, it will be the best birthday present ever! … I hope.



to be in for something: to be subjected to something in the future, to anticipate

defend: protect, try to keep

title: a name that carries privilege, e.g. champion, doctor, master, lord

quarter finals: a competition between the four best teams

semi-finals: a competition between the two best teams

pub: bar

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Did you hear my cat in this recording? He was sitting next to me at the desk and decided to make a funny noise while I was recording.

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  1. I think the quarter finals is a competition between the eight best teams
    the semi-finals is a competition between the four best teams. The final is a competition between the two best teams.

  2. Happy birthday to your father in advance!

    Can you make a special lesson that you interview your father on 2nd Nov 2019? Rugby final plus birthday party, that ill be a big fun!


  3. hi melissa happy birthday to your dad and congrats you keep him well at that age, i hope its not too late, we do hear a baby lamb in background really nice sound haha

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