New Zealand Prime Minister Visits New York

Anniversary: a time that is exactly one year after an important event
Interest: curiosity, when people want to know about something
Parental leave: when somebody has a new baby, they can stop working for a short time so that they can stay home and look after the baby
In office: this means working in a political position where you were elected by the people to work in the government

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is in New York this week attending the annual opening week of the United Nations General Assembly. This week is also the anniversary of the election which brought Ardern into the office of Prime Minister, so she has talked to media about how the first year has been. There has also been a lot of international interest in Ardern because she has recently returned from parental leave, and her new baby, Neve, came to New York with her and her husband, Clark Gayford. Ardern has commented that having a baby should be thought of as normal, but she understands that people are very interested because it is unusual for a world leader to have a baby while in office.
It will be a busy time for Ardern, she has already spoken at the opening of UN Climate Week, the One Planet Summit, the International Conference on Sustainable Development, and the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit. Today she will be delivering New Zealand’s statement in the United Nations General Debate.

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