Spring Snow in the South

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southern: an adjective meaning “in the South”

southerly winds: winds that come from the South towards the North

a record: the best/worst yet


Although it is now Spring, heavy snow has started to fall in the southern part of the South Island. Drivers are being told to put chains on their wheels if driving between Queenstown and Wanaka. Queenstown airport has had to cancel some flights, so travellers are advised to contact their airline to confirm flights.

Farmers will have some problems caring for new-born lambs as it is now the peak of the lambing season. The deaths of lambs in spring snow is heartbreaking not only because many lambs die, but farmers lose a lot of money. For New Zealand, the lamb meat industry has been growing, setting a new record of $369 million dollars in exports in May 2018.

It is expected that the snow will continue and move northeast into the upper South Island this week. If we have southerly winds, the rest of New Zealand could feel the cold too. Heavy rain is also expected in the South Island.



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