New Houses In Auckland



Announce: tell everybody

Demolish: destroy, knock down

Space: an area of land

Low income: if you have a low income, it means that you don’t have enough money

Development: a building project

Tram: a small train in the city, such as in San Francisco



The government has announced plans to build 10,000 more houses in Mt Roskill, Auckland. They will do this by demolishing 3,000 older houses that use too much land, and building more, smaller houses in the same space. Some of the houses will be sold. This will help to pay for the $4 billion costs of building. Some of the new houses will be used as State Homes. State Homes are houses for families who have low incomes. The government owns the houses and the people pay a much lower rent than usual. The development will take 15 years to complete, but some houses will be ready next year. The houses will be close to the new tram lines that are also being built in Auckland.

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