Super Saturday

On October the 16th, there will be a national event called Super Saturday. It is like a kind of festival to get more people vaccinated against Covid-19.

People are asked to go to a pop-up clinic to get vaccinated. People who have only had their first shot are asked to get a second shot, if it was at least three weeks ago. Friends and family are asked to encourage their friends to get vaccinated.

As people get vaccinated, live data will be broadcast on television and the internet. There will also be entertainment focused on encouraging urgent vaccination. This is called a Vaxathon. “Vax” is short for vaccination, and “-athon” is a suffix that describes a long event, for example, “marathon” or “triathlon“. The Vaxathon will be broadcast from midday until 8pm on TV3, Māori TV, and Hahana. Hahana is a program for youth that is broadcast on Facebook and Youtube.

If you want to get vaccinated on Super Saturday, you can ride the bus for free to a pop-up clinic. You can find out where the nearest vaccination clinic is here.


national: affecting all of the country

shot: vaccine, or medicine that is injected using a needle

broadcast: publishing by video or audio

pop-up: a temporary business or venue. Temporary means, for a short time.

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