Hayden Wilde’s Bronze Medal

New Zealand athlete Hayden Wilde, aged 23, won a Bronze Medal for third place in the Men’s Triathlon. The triathlon consists of 3 events (tri means 3): a 1500m swim, a 40 km bike ride and 10km run with no rest in between. Wilde’s time was one hour, 45 minutes and 24 seconds (1.45.24). He was just 20 seconds behind the winner, a man from Norway.

The total time includes the time to change into cycle shoes after the swim, and then into running shoes after biking. Usually, competitors cycle and run in their swimming togs. It was a warm day in Tokyo so the togs soon dried.

The competitors started the race from the wharf. They were lined up, all along the wharf, with space between each person. Then they dived off the wharf into the sea. After the swim, they dried themselves quickly then changed into their cycle shoes and got onto their bikes. At the end of the cycling part of the race, they dropped their bikes into a rack, changed into their running shoes and ran 10km.


togs – swimming clothes

triathlon – 3 athletic events. Tri- means 3, eg  tricycle – a three wheel bike for children (bi- means two eg bicycle)

bronze – a metal alloy made of copper and tin, medal for third place (after gold for first, silver for second)

wharf – a place where people can tie their boats

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  1. this is amazing he deserves it, lately lordes been causing quite a buzz i loved her interview in a park for vogue shes so authenticly kiwi and your accent was very sweet and solid 😀

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