Van Gogh Alive

Multimedia art exhibition, Van Gogh Alive, has recently finished showing in Christchurch and will soon be showing at the Spark Arena in Auckland. It is an exhibition that teaches people about the art of Vincent Van Gogh using large, projected screens that include animation of the art. The exhibition includes classical music and wafted perfume. Visitors will have the opportunity to take selfies in a room full of sunflowers, and to get their photos taken in a room that looks like Van Gogh’s painting of his bedroom.

The exhibition is showing from April 10th to May 6th. If you want to buy tickets to this event, you can buy them at ticketmaster. When you buy your tickets, you have to choose what time you start your exhibition because at the very beginning of the tour, everybody learns information about each painting that they will see in the main show. The entire exhibition lasts about 2 hours, but you can stay as long as you want.


multimedia: media which uses many different technologies, in this case music, perfume and video

exhibition: an art show

projected: when light is used to make an image shine onto a wall

waft: the movement of a smell through the air

opportunity: chance

selfie: a photo of yourself

entire: whole, complete

lasts: takes (an amount of time), continues (for an amount of time)

The same exhibition was in Wellington at the beginning of this year. Here is a video about it.

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