One year since Kaikoura earthquake

The town of Kaikoura is still mostly isolated, one year after the 7.8 earthquake which caused such a lot of damage to roads, railway, fields, rivers, and the ocean floor. The ocean floor was raised up 2 metres, destroying the marina where whale watching boats were parked. Dams made from landslips falling into the Clarence River formed lakes. Walls of earth were pushed up in the middle of fields. Wide cracks opened up in the land. Rail tunnels collapsed. Railway lines were twisted. Landslips fell on the road.

It has been an expensive job repairing the damage. The road and rail between Christchurch and Picton are still closed; however, it is hoped that the road will be open before Christmas.

Kaikoura is a tourist town, and businesses are suffering the loss of tourist trade. Motels, cafes, restaurants, and tourist activities are affected.

Today, the town held a picnic in Churchill Park to celebrate the survival of the town and to thank the hundreds of workers who have helped the recovery.

If you want to hear more about the earthquake and the after-effects last year, type Kaikoura in the search box or follow the links below.

Here are some links: November 17 2016, Roads to Kaikoura, Earthquake Recovery in Kaikoura.


marina – a safe place for boats in a harbour

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