Anzac poppies

Have you seen people wearing red poppies made of fabric? They are a sign of remembrance, to remind us of those who died during the First World War. Although they are made of fabric, they remind us that real poppies grew on the graves of soldiers buried in Flanders in Europe.

New Zealanders remember these soldiers on ANZAC Day every year. Although April 25th was the day in Gallipoli, Turkey, when so many soldiers died, it is a day when we remember all New Zealand soldiers who died fighting wars.

Listen to April 21st 2016 for more about ANZAC day and the significance of red poppies.


• poppy – a red flower
• fabric – cloth, material
• remembrance (n) from the verb to remember
• remind – don’t forget
• grave – a place where dead people are buried, usually in a cemetery
• bury – put in the ground, in a hole
• significance – importance

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