NZ First wants votes from young people

The political party, NZ First, had its conference in Dunedin over the weekend. Among the promises made was one promise to get rid of student debt. At the moment, young people finish university with a large debt which takes them many years to pay back. This means for many of them they cannot afford to buy a house, and they cannot afford to marry and have children. NZ First said their plan was to deduct one year of debt for every year that the graduate worked in NZ after getting a qualification. For example, a student who borrowed money for three years to gain a degree, then worked in NZ using that qualification for the next three years, would have no debt to pay back at the end of that time.

Another promise was to teach all high school students how to drive. In order to pay for this, NZ First would ask for volunteers from parents and grandparents. At the moment, many young Maori are in trouble with the police for driving without a licence.

These two promises might encourage young people to vote for NZ First in the national elections next year.

Vocabulary and pronunciation

• over the weekend – during the weekend
• get rid of – throw away
• debt – money borrowed which has to be paid back; the ‘b’ is silent
• cannot afford – don’t have enough money
• deduct – subtract, take away

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