Flag results

The results of the referendum on the flag were announced tonight after votes were counted. There will be no change in the flag.

56.6% of the voters wanted to keep the old flag. 43.1% voted for the new flag. Just under 0.5% of voters did not choose either flag on the voting paper. They returned the voting paper but did not follow the instructions on how to vote. This was possibly a protest vote. They did want a new flag but did not like the one that was on the voting paper or perhaps they thought there was no reason to hold a referendum.

Many people chose to vote. In total, 67.3% of registered voters returned their voting paper. This is quite a high percentage for a postal vote.

The Prime Minister, John Key, said he was disappointed at the result. He wanted a new flag. However, he said he would continue to honour the old flag.

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• referendum (n) – vote
• protest (adj, n, v) – to show a strong feeling against something
• to honour (v) – treat with respect

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  1. No matter how the national flags look like ,the love of our nation and culture will not change .

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