Wild weather in north and east

A wild storm hit Northland, Auckland, and parts of the east coast. Strong winds and heavy rain on Tuesday night in the north continued to move east causing damage in Coromandel and other places. Some schools were closed because of flooding. Rivers are still high with flood water but the rain stopped about 5pm today.

Power lines came down in the wind. Power was cut to many houses and the strong winds made it unsafe for workers to repair the power lines. However, most houses have power on again now. Strong winds also brought down trees, sometimes on top of a house or a car. Some boats which were moored in the harbour, broke their chains and were damaged.

Some roads were closed because of flooding or branches on the road. Council workers have had a busy time clearing roads.


  • to bring down trees – to make trees fall
  • moored – tied (by a chain) to a floating buoy in the sea
  • to clear – remove rubbish from the road (Clear a table – take away the dirty dishes and leave the table empty.)


  1. wild weather in North and east
    this is program about wild storm hit Northland,Aucland and parts of east coat.when it’s happen ,some schools were closed and river still high, it was come down some power line, and some houses was cut .in while the strong wilds also fall down many trees.and some boats were mooring in the harbour ,broke their chains and were damage.i think that when the earth hot more than it is really injurious with poeple and the world.

  2. nice story and very intresting and useable to everyone

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