Do migrants vote in elections?

A report from Statistics New Zealand shows that most migrants who have been in New Zealand for more than 5 years, do vote. At least, they voted in the 2011 national elections. The percentage of voters among that group of migrants is about the same as the percentage of voters for all New Zealanders.

Most people who voted said that they felt strongly that they belong to New Zealand.

On the other hand, almost 60% of migrants who have been in New Zealand for a shorter time – 5 years or less – did not vote in the last elections. However, this includes migrants who were not eligible to vote. Perhaps they had not registered to vote or they had not lived in New Zealand long enough.

This information came from the New Zealand General Social Survey which is conducted every 2 years. People are chosen randomly. They are interviewed face-to-face.


  • eligible – allowed by law
  • conduct a survey – organise and carry out
  • randomly – by chance; probably done by computer


  • How can migrants learn about registering to vote?
  • Why do some migrants choose not to vote?


  1. First of all . the people coming from china do not have vote to choose the leader of their country , so this question is a little tough to say, according to the page , in my opinion , the government should figure out the solution about this problem which is provide opportunity for the newly migrants. Once the government provides vote to the migrants and necessary provides the guide of the fact that how can migrants learn about registering to vote. Pay attention on the next question . In terms of the migrants, some of them do not eligible to vote,due to the fact that they had not lived in new zealand long enough .

  2. My opinion of the first question is the government should strengthen the legal knowledge education of the old and new immigrants.TO strengthen them to knowledge of the vote.For the second question.Some migrants choose not to vote because they had not lived in New Zealand long enough.

  3. I think the government should through the network or newspapers to given immigrants more guidance of register to vote.Some immigrants can’t vote because they live in New Zealand time is not enough.

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