Is Wellington a dying city?

The Prime Minister, in a speech in Auckland last week, said that Wellington was a dying city. All it had was the government, Victoria University and Weta Workshops. However, he has now apologised and said that of course Wellington is not dying. It is an exciting city.

Many Wellingtonians – especially the Mayor, Celia Wade-Brown – say that Wellington is a wonderful city. It is the home of the national museum of New Zealand – Te Papa – as well as the NZ ballet, opera, drama school, and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. It has a beautiful harbour. It has a busy downtown area because so many people work in the central city. They walk to shops and cafes at lunchtime. The city also has a good public transport system – trains and buses – to encourage people to leave their cars at home.

The economic growth of Wellington has been 1.5% for the last 5 years, whereas the growth for the whole of New Zealand for the same period was 0.4%.

The Prime Minister lives in Auckland and it is true that Auckland is growing fast but it is not the only city in New Zealand.


• The government – people who work in Parliament and in the public service e.g. education, justice etc.
• Weta workshops – designed many of the characters in Lord of the Rings
• apologised – said he was sorry
• Wellingtonians – people who live in Wellington (compare Aucklanders)
• drama – theatre
• whereas – in contrast


• What other things make a city interesting?
• If you live in Wellington, do you agree that it is an exciting city? Why or why not?


  1. I totally agree Welly is a lovely and exciting city. The atmosphere, culture, landscape and people are excellent there. I personally believe it is a typical city which represents New Zealand as it is quite different from other cities in the world. Love Welly!

  2. It appears to me that Wellington is a wonderful city; you can see a fine view and a quiet surroundings here.

  3. It is a wonderful city here.

  4. I totally support that wellington is a active city where i can enjoy the perfect nature.

  5. I think that wellington city is not dying and city is wonderful.

  6. I think it’s very nice city, because there are many interesting things in Wellington. I want to know about this city more and more.

  7. I think that wellington city is not dying and city is wonderful.

  8. I think that Wellington is a wonderful city because they can have a wonderful time in wellington.

  9. Wellington is a nice city.

  10. I agree with this description. It is a quite awsome city.

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