Wellington airport plans to put up a big sign on a hillside overlooking the airport which says “Wellywood”. When tourists fly into Wellington, they will see the sign and they will learn that Wellington is famous for making movies. The sign would be a copy of the one in Los Angeles which says “Hollywood”. Wellington is the home of Sir Peter Jackson and his film studio as well as Weta Workshops. Sir Peter Jackson was the director of the “Lord of the Rings” movies and “King Kong”. Now he is making “The Hobbit” movie. The technology from Weta Workshops helped with all these movies as well as “Avatar”.

Listen to BAFTA Awards to find out more about Sir Peter Jackson and Weta Workshops.

Many people in Wellington do not like the idea of a “Wellywood” sign. They say it is a copy. Wellington doesn’t need to copy. It can have its own ideas. They think that Wellington is more than just making movies. Other people think it will show tourists an important industry in the capital city.

The mayor of Wellington and some of the city councillors do not like the idea. However, the city has only a one third financial share in the airport so the council cannot stop it.

Listen to Wellington – one of the top cities in the world to find out more about Wellington.

1. What do you think of the idea?

2. Is there another way to show tourists that Wellington is the home of some famous movies?

3. If you live in Wellington or have visited Wellington what do you think are some of the good things about the city that tourists would enjoy?


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  2. The idea is outrageous and will make more than a joke about Wellintonians.

    Not in favour of it, hate the idea and would think someone will remove/deface the sign eventually if it goes up.

  3. I’m from Auckland n love the metropolitan feel of Wellington! It’s conservative but friendly at the same time! I love Wellington therefore a Wellywood sign would be tacky n just ruin the capital! Leave tacky to Auckland! We do tacky well n it’s becoming of the type of people we are haha!

    Love u Wellington


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