New Governor-General

The Prime Minister announced today the name of new Governor-General. He is Lieutenant-General Jerry Mateparae. His job will start in August this year and last for five years.

Jerry Mateparae began his career as a soldier in 1972 when he was 18 years old. He became Head of the Army in 2002 then in 2006 he was Head of Defence for New Zealand. Defence includes army, navy and air force.

He will be the second Maori to be the Governor-General. He is married with five children.

When he is Governor-General, he will be Sir Jerry Mateparae. A Governor-General is the representative of the Queen. His job is to make sure we have a democratic government, to represent New Zealand overseas, to welcome important international visitors, to attend Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day ceremonies and to give medals to people who receive New Year’s and Queen’s Birthday Honours. The present Governor-General attends about 400 functions each year and usually makes speeches at these functions.

The Governor-General and his family live in Government House in Wellington.

If New Zealand became a republic, we would not have the Queen as our Head of State or a Governor-General. We would have a President instead. Do you think New Zealand should become a republic?

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