New Zealand technology useful for Chilean miners

Many of us have been watching on TV the amazing rescue of the 33 Chilean miners. However, we may be surprised to learn that a New Zealand inventor designed a medical belt that the miners have all been wearing. They wear the belt around their waist and across the chest while they exercise for one hour each day in the mine underground, and doctors above ground can check the heart rate, breathing rate and body temperature on a computer. Each miner is also wearing the belt on his way up to the surface so that doctors can continue to check his health during this 15 or 20 minute lift.

The belt was designed by an Auckland electronics engineer, Brian Russell. He said he is a sportsman and wanted to make something to check people’s heart rate and health when they exercise. The US Army and firemen are using this belt and now the Chilean miners.

Brian Russell is very pleased that his invention is helping people as well as being a success for his company.

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1. How do you become a successful inventor?
2. How do you sell your invention?

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