Scorpion found in suitcase

When inspectors checked a tent inside a suitcase at Auckland airport, they found a live scorpion. The passenger who owned the suitcase had been camping in Mexico and was shocked to see the scorpion. The scorpion was 5cm long and not very active but still alive. It could still sting someone.

Biosecurity New Zealand said people who have been camping, walking in forest areas or on farms overseas should wash their gear before packing their bags. New Zealand does not want plants, animals or diseases from other countries.

Listen to May 11th 2012 to hear more Biosecurity.


• scorpion – has 8 legs, claws at the front and a tail with a stinger; same class as a spider; not a native of NZ
• suitcase – bag, luggage
• Biosecurity New Zealand – government department which tries to keep our country free from foreign plants, animals or diseases (bio – life, security – safety)
• gear – clothes or equipment needed for sport or a job