Auckland Rail Loop

Today Auckland Transport showed the plan for the central city rail loop. At the moment, trains stop at Britomart. The plan is for trains to continue through Britomart, travel in a 3.5km tunnel under the city, come out of the tunnel and meet the western line near the Mt Eden station. The plan is for three new stations: at Aotea Centre, Karangahape Rd, and Newton.

Auckland city has to buy land from more than 200 landowners. The city could sell some of that land again after the tunnel is built because the new rail would be about 45m under ground.

Auckland Transport says the cost is now $2.86bn. If there are delays, the cost could increase. Auckland city needs the central government to pay half of that cost but the Minister of Transport will not agree to this. However, the Minister agreed that it was a good idea to buy the land now for a future rail loop.

Another plan is to build one station now and the rest later; however, the mayor, Len Brown, says that is not a good idea. He said in 1959, when the Auckland Harbour Bridge was built, there were just four lanes. Ten years later, they had to add four clip-on lanes. Auckland needs to spend money and build for the long-term future.

Listen to June 2nd 2011 to hear more about these plans.


loop – circle
delays – waiting time when nothing happens
clip-on – extra lanes attached to the outside of the bridge
long-term – many, many years (opposite: short-term – one or two years)


When talking about the future, you can use would; for possibilities use could and might e.g. The tunnel would be 45m underground. If there is a delay, it could / might cost more.
Make your own sentences using would, could and might e.g. If I stay in New Zealand, …


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