Maori Language Week 2019


This week is Maori language week, so you can expect to see a number of events around whichever city you live in, and you may hear more Maori language being used on the TV, the radio, and in the newspaper.

Six parades have been planned around the country, with about 20,000 people expected to participate.

Wellington’s parade was today, going from Parliament Ground to the Civic Square. There was also a parade in Whangarei today.

On Auckland’s North Shore, schools will be lining the roads with placards promoting Maori language. If you are driving past them, be sure to give them a big wave, or a honk of your horn on Tuesday.  

In Auckland, a parade will be held on Thursday at 10am. People will assemble at the Olive Grove carpark at One Tree Hill. You can walk up and down the hill with the parade, and then enjoy sausages and music.

In Manukau, which is just south of Auckland, you can attend a parade on Friday, also at 10am. People will assemble on the corner of Putney Way and Davies Avenue, outside the train station.

On Friday there will be a parade in Hamilton starting at the Meteor Theatre in Victoria Street and walking to Garden Place in the centre of the city. The walk starts at 11:30, and when people reach Garden place there will be refreshments and entertainment. People are asked to bring their own cups and food containers so that there is less waste.

There are a lot of other events around New Zealand to celebrate Maori Language Week. You can have a look at this website for more details.



line the road: this is when people stand along the side of the road

placards: signs that people can hold in their hands

be sure to: don’t forget to, certainly

assemble: gather in a group

refreshments: food and drink

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