How to Decide Who to Vote for

There are several different political parties that you can vote for in the election. Before you vote, you will need to learn about the policies and reputations of the politicans who want your votes. You will also need to learn about the two referendums.

There are several good websites that have information about the candidates.Television New Zealand has the Vote Compass web page. It asks you questions about what you believe, and then tells you which political party has ideas similar to you. There is also a good explainer produced by a magazine called the Spinoff. It explains the policies of each party. You can read it here.


Candidate: a candidate is like a contestant. It is somebody who wants to win an election.

Political party: a group of people who join together to form a government

policy: a kind of plan for how an organisation will solve problems

reputation: what everybody thinks about someone. This is usually based on history, and is used to decide whether we can trust someone or not.

similar: a little bit the same

explainer: a document that explains things or gives basic information

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