How to Vote in the Election

After you enrol to vote, the Electoral Commission will send you an EasyVote Card. You can take this card in to the voting place. If you don’t bring a card, that’s okay, you will just have to wait while the workers check your name and address.

To find a voting place near you, go here.  Most voting places will be open from the third of October until the seventeenth of October, but you will need to check what hours they are open. On October the seventeenth, all voting places will be open from nine in the morning until seven o’clock.

When you go to vote, bring your own pen. When you walk into the voting place, you should clean your hands with hand sanitiser. Then, show your EasyVote Card to the worker, or tell them your name and address.  The worker will give you two voting forms. One form is to choose a new government. The other is for the referendum.

Take the voting forms to a voting booth. It is private so no one can see who you vote for.

The government election voting form is orange and yellow. You can choose who you want to represent your local area, and also which political party you want to govern.

The referendum voting form is purple. There are two questions; one about cannabis, and the other about euthanasia.

So, on each form, you make two ticks. If you make a mistake, go back to the election workers and ask for a new voting form. When you have finished, you can put the voting forms into their boxes. The government election form goes into the orange box, and the referendum voting form goes into the purple box. Then you can go home and watch the election results on TV!


form: a document that has blanks in it where you can fill in your personal information in order to make an application, enrol or vote.

booth: a small, private space

represent: act or speak for someone

tick: In the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, we say tick. In American English this is a check mark. ✓

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