Freedom Camping

Many people enjoy Freedom Camping in a remote place, for example beside a lake or river. However, the rule is that you must be in a self-contained vehicle if you want to camp. This means a vehicle which has a toilet, like a motorhome.

However, many public conservation areas allow free camping if there is a toilet at the campsite. Some remote places have only a pit toilet, without water, but many have flush toilets and water. These places have no other facilities. They have signs that tell you to carry out your own rubbish.

Private campgrounds provide showers and some also have kitchens. You pay to camp in these places. At this time of year, it may be hard to find a space in a campground. That is one reason people like freedom camping.

Anyone wanting to camp in a remote place, needs to respect the environment, use a toilet (not bushes) and do not litter. Check this website for a camping map.

A good website for anyone wanting to camp in NZ is campermate


• remote – far away from places where people live
• self-contained – you van contains everything you need including a toilet
• conservation – protected areas like forests
• pit – hole in the ground


What are some other reasons people like freedom camping?

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  1. I enjoy using your articles for speakers of other languages who wish to improve their listening skills and I have accessed this site often.
    For this particular article I would include the necessity of not using open fires for cooking especially over the summer months and for freedom campers to use commonsense and to observe fire ban regulations.

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