Baby milk powder scandal in China, again

Last week, 21 people were found guilty in the case of contaminated baby formula in China. Two men who added melamine to the milk powder will be executed. The chairwoman of San Lu Dairy Company was sentenced to life imprisonment because she knew about the contaminated milk powder early last year but did nothing about it. Others received sentences from 5 years to life imprisonment.

Six babies have died and around 300,000 are seriously ill with kidney problems. They may have these problems for the rest of their lives. Most of the families with sick children have now accepted money from the dairy companies through the government. This is compensation to help pay medical expenses for the future although some families say it is not enough money.

New Zealand is concerned about these sick babies because the New Zealand Dairy Company, Fonterra, had a 43% share in San Lu (See September 14th 2008). While New Zealand does not approve of the death penalty, Fonterra said that it is pleased that the Chinese courts have found these people guilty. San Lu dairy company is now bankrupt and Fonterra has lost $23million.

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