Hone Harawira wins by-election

The result of the by-election in Te Tai Tokerau electorate yesterday was a win for Hone Harawira. Kelvin Davis, Labour, was second with 867 fewer votes than Hone. The Maori Party candidate was third.

Hone says this is a win for the new Mana Party but the Prime Minister, John Key, didn’t think it was a win. In the 2008 election Hone won by 6308 votes so he has lost a lot of support. At that time, he belonged to the Maori Party but he left the Maori Party and formed the Mana Party.

John Key said the by-election was a waste of time because the general election will be held in just 5 months. It also cost a lot of money – about half a million dollars – to hold a by-election.

Hone is the only MP of the Mana Party. It will be interesting to see if he is able to do anything in Parliament with a party of just one person.

Listen to May 11th 2011 to hear more about this.

The Maori Party supports the Government but Hone left the Maori Party because he disagreed with them over many issues. Which side of the House will Hone support – the Government or the Opposition?

Why did Hone want a by-election?

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