New Zealand’s Borders Will Open Again

The Government has announced its 5-step plan to re-open New Zealand borders.

Step 1 — from Sunday February 27, 11.59 pm

New Zealand citizens and residents can come here from Australia. As long as they are vaccinated, they can self-isolate instead of going through MIQ.

Step 2 — from Sunday 13 March, 11.59 pm

New Zealand citizens and residents can come here from all over the world. Unvaccinated people will have to go through MIQ, but those who are vaccinated can self-isolate.

Step 3 — from Tuesday 12 April, 11.59 pm

People with temporary work visas and student visas can come to New Zealand.  We can expect there will be about 5,000 international students arriving to start the B semester in July.

Step 4 — from July 2022

Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and international people who have been in Australia for a while will all be able to visit New Zealand. Also, people from visa-waiver countries, people with Accredited Employer Work Visas (AEWV), and temporary visitor visas will be able to come here, self-isolating as long as they are vaccinated.

Step 5 — from October 2022

Anyone with a valid visa can come into New Zealand, once again following the rules about vaccinations and self-isolation.

It will be useful in the future to learn more about the rules for self-isolation.


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