TVNZ no longer has a charter

In 2003, the Labour government voted for a charter for TVNZ. In return for $15m a year, TVNZ had to provide programmes which showed New Zealand culture and way of life. The charter gave a list of things that TVNZ had to do. It had to show Maori culture, New Zealand films including documentaries, programmes for children and young people and programmes for minority interests like arts programmes.

Last week, the government voted to get rid of the charter. Now the $15m will go to New Zealand on Air. Any TV channel or film maker can apply for money to make a programme.

TVNZ still has to make a profit for the government, just as before. It is free to show any programmes it wants. Probably this means buying cheap American programmes like reality shows. 90 TVNZ staff have recently lost their jobs in an effort to save $25m because advertising does not bring in enough money these days.

The Labour Party said that this means the government is wanting to sell TVNZ in the future.

Did you know that TVNZ had this charter? Have they shown Maori culture, New Zealand films or programmes for minority interests? Have they shown New Zealand culture and way of life? Do you think there will be big changes?