The Budget

Tomorrow, Thursday, the Minister of Finance, Bill English, will read the Budget in Parliament. This is the government’s financial plan for the year. Already, around $200m has already been promised for various things like health, so don’t expect too many surprises in the Budget. A shortage of housing, especially in Auckland, is a concern so there will probably be money for more houses. We know already not to expect tax cuts this year.

Many people are homeless in Auckland. Some are sleeping on streets while others are sleeping in their cars or sharing a house with another family. Housing NZ (a government agency) does not have enough state houses in Auckland. However, there are empty state houses owned by Housing NZ in other towns like Huntly, Hamilton, or Gisborne. Social Housing Minister, Paula Bennet, said today that her department would provide some money for people to re-settle if they would move to these places. Aucklanders already living in state houses might want to move to another town and make their Auckland house available for another family.

Of course, workers with a job in Auckland could not easily move but unemployed or retired people might consider moving.

Meanwhile, we will find out tomorrow what the government plans to spend our money on.


• housing – a general word for houses and apartments
• a concern – a worry, a problem
• state – government
• settle – move and become comfortable in a new place; re-settle – move again

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