New Flag choices

The committee looking at new flag designs has chosen 40 possible designs. Next the committee has to choose 4 from these 40 by mid-September. Then, in November, we will vote. We need to choose one of these 4 designs. Next year, we will have another vote. This time we need to choose between the old flag and the new one.

Many artists sent in their ideas for a new flag. In fact, the committee received 10,292 designs. It was very hard for them to choose.

Have you seen the 40 designs? Look at the official web page. click here This is an interesting web page and gives good opportunities for learners of English to listen and read. Look at the videos and read the texts. For example, the video “What is a good flag?” gives some examples of good flags from many different countries. Is your country’s flag one of these examples?

Another example (of a video) is the history of the New Zealand flag. You can listen and read the English text.

What do you think of the 40 designs? Many of them include the koru, the silver fern or the Southern Cross. Only one includes the British Union Jack.

One critic, Gareth Morgan thinks these designs might be good on a tea towel for a tourist to buy, but not good for a flag.

For more about the new flag, listen to Flag Vote


• koru – (Maori) young fern before it opens
• critic – a person who argues against something

Note: choice (n), choose, chose, chosen (v)

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  1. IT IS INTERESTING TO DO THAT, REMEMBER ONE THING, THE COUNTRY IS the least corrupt country, IN ACCORDING TO TRASPARENCY INTERNATIONAL, when happens that, the mind of all is constrictive, all go to an end, the people work in teams, driven by ethical values of their ideology. I THINK only in one country with this form of work, could be approved the change of national flag.

    Congratulations on your way to work !!!

    ENGEL from MEXICO.

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