If you do not already know about Waitangi Day, listen to previous podcasts: February 5th 2012 and February 6th 2011.

Waitangi is in the Bay of Islands. It is just a short walk from the town of Paihia and across the harbour from Russell. There is a short ferry ride to Russell from Paihia.

Waitangi is the home of the Treaty grounds. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed by many Maori chiefs at Waitangi on February 6th 1840. It was a treaty between Queen Victoria and Maori. The Queen agreed to protect Maori and give them all the rights of British people.

You can visit the Treaty grounds. This is free for New Zealanders because it is one of our most important historic sites. (Just show your drivers’ licence.) First you will see a video about the signing of the Treaty.

Next, you can walk through a bush track to a marae and a huge war
waka. This is a canoe, big enough to carry 60 men.

The Treaty House is open for visitors. This was the home of James Busby, the representative of Queen Victoria from 1832. There is a beautiful garden around the Treaty House. You can also walk around the grounds above the beach and enjoy the view of many small islands.


• previous – a time before
• ferry – boat which travels between two places
• treaty – agreement between Britain and Maori
• rights – e.g. right to vote, right to protection
• grounds – land
• site – place
• representative –the Queen couldn’t come to New Zealand so he took her place

Useful phrases

• ‘one of the most important sites’. Note that ‘sites’ is plural. Think of many sites and this is one. This is a useful expression to learn e.g. one of the most important celebrations / people / occasions / lessons etc.

• ‘There is a ferry ride’. ‘There is a beautiful garden.’ ‘There is’ – a useful way to begin a sentence e.g. There is a red sunset / there is a park in the town / there is a bus service / there is a bus every 10 minutes.

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