Waitangi Day

First, listen to Waitangi Day 2008 and Waitangi Day 2009 for background information.

Today is Waitangi Day, a day when we remember the Treaty that was signed on Feb 6th 1840, between the Queen of England and the Maori chiefs of New Zealand. In the Treaty, Queen Victoria agreed to protect the Maori and give them the same rights as British citizens. The treaty said that Maori could keep all their food-gathering places such as the forest, rivers and sea. Maori could sell their land to the government which would give them a fair price. Of course, we know that this did not always happen and Maori lost a lot of their land.

Waitangi Day is a day of celebration. It is also a day of protest when people say, “Remember the Treaty”.

However, this year, it was mostly a day to watch the waka in the harbour, to enjoy a picnic, listen to a concert and have fun.

There was a protest though. Hone Harawira, the Maori Party MP for Te Tau Tokorou in the Far North, spoke about the problems for the Maori Party which is part of the government with National. In the Far North, there is more unemployment, more poverty, and poor housing. Hone believes that the government has done nothing for Maori. Dr Pita Sharples, co-leader of the Maori Party, was very angry with Hone. He believes that being in coalition with the National Party will bring benefits for Maori.

Hone Harawira may have to leave the Maori Party and become an Independent MP.

We do not have a New Zealand Day. Do you think Waitangi Day should be our New Zealand Day?


  1. Could you more information about Waitangi Treaty?
    I’m very interested in this.
    Thank you good information

  2. Have a look at June 26 2008 for more about the Treaty. Also, enter Waitangi in the search box for other links.

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