New Zealand is a land of contrasts

Thanks to Pat Syme for this article

New Zealand is a small country but we have a variety of geographical features and climate. Geographical features vary from plains to mountains and includes lakes, rivers, coasts and deserts. The climate also varies, with the east coast of both islands often dry while the west coast has a high rainfall.

Last week, the Milford Sound road was closed by heavy rain bringing floods and rock fall. Southland, especially around Gore, also experienced floods with the Mataura River flooding into homes. Damage in the area could coast millions of dollars to repair. Many of our famous walking tracks like the Routeburn Track are closed because of damage.

Meanwhile parts of the east coast of both islands, and Auckland and Northland are experiencing drought. There has been no rain for some time. River levels are low. Farmers are worried they will not have enough grass for their animals. Northland is short of water for drinking and washing.

Auckland Council is reminding people that water is precious. Don’t waste it.



plains – flat areas often with no trees

vary (v) variety (n) – different

drought (n) – no rain for a long time

precious (adj) – valuable

Sometimes spelling does not help with how to say a word
eg foot rhymes with put
route rhymes with cute