Price Increases Anticipated

Over recent years, consumer goods have been very cheap because of free trade and the low cost of shipping. However, the global pandemic has resulted in a shortage of shipping containers caused by increased online shopping and delays in unloading ships in the ports.

The shortage of shipping containers has caused an increase in the price of transporting goods to New Zealand, and this in turn will result in an increase in the price of imported goods. At this stage most prices are fairly normal, but we can expect that prices will soon increase.

Because of this, you may like to look around your house and think about whether there is anything that you will need to buy in the near future. You could buy something a little bit early, either new or second hand.

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in turn: this phrase is used when explaining a sequence of events or a chain reaction

at this stage: right now

shortage: not enough

goods/consumer goods: things that ordinary people need for daily life such as cups, cosmetics, appliances and groceries

shipping containers: large metal containers for putting cargo in