Mt Albert Electorate

When Helen Clark left Parliament, the Labour Party announced there would be a by-election in Mt Albert to find a replacement MP. Russell Norman, co-leader of the Green Party, and John Boscawen of the ACT Party both want to be the MP for Mt Albert. They are both in Parliament already as List MPs. However, they are not likely to win this seat in the election.

On Sunday, the Labour Party chose their candidate, David Shearer. He was working for the United Nations in Iraq and gave up this job to return to New Zealand. He has worked in war areas for the past 20 years and won awards for bravery. He is a close friend of Phil Goff, the leader of the Labour Party.

On Monday night the National Party chose their candidate, Melissa Lee. She is the first Korean-born MP in Parliament. She is a List MP. She used to host a TV programme – Asia Down Under – so is well-known among the Asian community.

It will not be easy for Melissa Lee to win this seat though. The Mt Albert electorate has been held by Labour for the past 60 years. Helen Clark herself held this seat for 28 years. However, it will not be easy for David Shearer to win this seat either, as the National government is still in its honeymoon period and is quite popular.

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