Adventure Park in Christchurch

The new Adventure Park for mountain bikers opened in Christchurch just before Christmas. It is located on the Port Hills overlooking the city and consists of 365 hectares through the forest. There is a chairlift to take cyclists and bikes 1.8km up and 50 km of trails for cyclists to ride down through forests. There are zip lines as well a café and bar.

The Adventure Park was built by a Canadian company at a cost of $24m. Our government and the Christchurch City Council each contributed $2m because it’s a wonderful attraction for tourists as well as being an exciting recreation attraction for locals.

People can hire bikes and take lessons if they wish. There are easy trails (green) and expert trails (black), just like ski trails. Like skiers, cyclists should wear a full face helmet. They also need protective pads on knees and elbows.

While the bike trails are free to use, the chairlift is not free.

The Park has been very popular since it opened just 2 weeks ago. Future plans include accommodation for 110 people and a mountain coaster which is like a sled on rails.

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