Two candidates for mayor in Christchurch

Lianne Dalziel today announced that she was a candidate for mayor of Christchurch. Mayor Bob Parker also plans to stand as a candidate for mayor so Christchurch people will have a choice of two strong people. This will make the local body elections in November a bit more exciting than usual.

We have local body elections every 3 years when we vote for members of local bodies or organisations. These local bodies include the mayor, city council, community councils and hospital board. Usually it is a postal vote – we vote at home and post the voting papers back to the council where they are counted.

Bob Parker has been mayor now for nearly 6 years. He would like another 3 years. At the end of his first 3 years, he nearly lost the election to Jim Anderton, an MP. Jim Anderton said he would be able to do both jobs. However, just at that time, Christchurch had the first earthquake and local people could see that it was impossible to do two jobs. After the earthquake, Bob Parker became very popular. He used to be a TV presenter so he is very confident in front of the media.

Lianne Dalziel is a Labour MP. She has been an MP for 20 years and has been a Minister. She was a lawyer before going into Parliament. Her home was in the east of Christchurch, the red zone where houses are now being demolished. She knows a lot about what it is like for Christchurch people living in houses that need repair. She said she will resign from Parliament in October before the local body elections in November.


• candidate – a person who stands for election
• local body – local organisation
• TV presenter – he presented many popular shows
• media – TV, radio, newspapers, magazines
• demolished – pulled down

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