Another fishing ship in trouble

Another fishing ship is in trouble in Antarctica, in the Ross Sea, 3,700km south of New Zealand. The ship is the Jeong Woo 2, a Korean ship. It had a crew of 40 men from different countries. They were fishing for toothfish. Fire broke out early this morning when the crew were asleep. Another Korean ship was nearby and rescued 37 men. However, three are missing. Their bodies were not found. Seven of the men who were rescued have burns. A US research ship is taking them to McMurdo Base, 600 km away. This is the American research base in Antarctica where there is a small hospital. They will fly to Christchurch hospital as soon as possible.

This is the second emergency in the Ross Sea in the last three weeks. The Russian ship, the Sparta, was damaged by ice. Another ship travelled to the Ross Sea to help repair the Sparta. Listen to December 18th 2011 to hear more about this. Yesterday the Sparta sailed into Nelson port where it will have more repairs.

The New Zealand Rescue Co-ordination Centre organised both rescues, the one in December and the one today.

In December 2010, 22 men died on a Korean fishing ship in Antarctic waters.

Co-ordination centre – organizes ships, plane, ports so that they can work together

Useful phrases
fire broke out
another … was nearby
as soon as possible
this is the second … in the last three weeks
to help repair


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